What Should You Ask a Demolition Contractor? 

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Because of the involved danger and risks that come with demolition, it’s an action that needs to be done with utmost planning and care. Various aspects are typically involved as you consider a demolition project. Some of these may be the materials used for the building, the structure’s location, and the safety concerns of those who work or live close to the area. Once you think about demolition, you should definitely hire a building demolition contractor. Below are a few questions you need to ask your contractor for clarification. 


How will be site safety issues be managed? 

Safety issues on a demolition site are associated with the demolition crew’s safety, the property’s safety, bystanders’ safety as well as other things around the sites like buildings. The authorities usually request to show a comprehensive safety plan before your demolition project will be approved. What’s the safety plan of the demolition contractor? This plan must display the physical safety plan to cover property and people. Plus, it’s an environmental safety plan in the event there are dangerous and toxic materials that need to be taken care of.  

How should toxic materials be disposed of? 

When you plan to have an older building demolished, there’s a higher chance that there will be hazardous materials that contain lead and asbestos. Such materials will need specific management as you do the special disposal and demolition. The demolition contractor needs to be in a place to clarify how safety issues about such hazardous substances will be dealt with. A demolition contractor who can serve as environmental remediation is more appropriate where hazardous materials are involved.  

Who will deal with the paperwork? 

If you’re not that knowledgeable about how the building industry works, the vast list of regulations and by-laws can be quite puzzling. The paperwork you’ll be processing depends on the building’s age and location. The demolition contractor needs to assist you to deal with the paperwork for efficient processing or to go through all of the procedure easily. 

How will disposed material be handled? 

There are a lot of recoverable materials on the demolition site. Nowadays, you can actually recover even concrete. However, metal is the most wanted and well-known salvage material as it can be sold to a recycling plant. If you’re curious about the salvageable items and how its proceeds will be shared, do not hesitate to ask your demolition contractor about it.  

Must the entire structure be torn down? 

Sadly, when people think about demolition, most of them imagine an entire building that’s torn down. Although, demolition does not always mean that the entire structure needs to be demolished. In fact, complete demolition is just advised for buildings, which can’t be repaired anymore. Determining the scope of demolition needed can aid you in planning for your environmental assessments, budgeting, and demolition permits.  

If ever you have more inquiries about demolition services, check out our website for more information. 

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